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DCD34018 Dunedin Consort: The Peoples Mass
Ascension © Delphian Records 2004 Susan Hamilton (1st soprano),
Libby Crabtree (2nd soprano),
Kate Hamilton (alto),
Nicholas Mulroy (tenor),
Matthew Brook (baritone),
Noel Mann (bass)

Six contemporary Scottish-based composers come together in this new Mass setting performed by the Dunedin Consort. Polychoral pieces interweave with harp-accompanied songs in a spiritual work that achieves unity in diversity, designed to stimulate and inspire the listener’s inner soul.

Track listing


1 Chant: Introit
2 Kyrie Malcolm Lindsay (b.1959)
3 Days of Thunder (tenor)
4 Chant: Psalm
5 Gloria Christine McCombe (b.1967)
6 The Solstice Stone (2nd soprano)
7 Chant: Gradual
8 Credo Tommy Fowler (b.1948)
9 God Is (alto)
10 Chant: Alleluia
11 In Praise of Saints (bass) John Gormley (b.1975)
12 Sanctus
13 Chant: Offertory
14 Benedictus Anthea Haddow (b.1969)
15 La Muerta (1st soprano) Listen (1 MB)
16 Chant: Communion
17 Prayer (baritone) Rebecca Rowe (b.1970)
18 Agnus Dei
19 Black over Red Epilogue 2 Anthea Haddow (b.1969) Listen (1MB)

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